Cow that escaped property in Victoria found stuck on trampoline

Get a mooooove on! Farmer wakes up to find a COW stuck on her backyard TRAMPOLINE – so how did it get there?

  • About 40 cows escaped a South Gippsland property in Victoria on Wednesday 
  • Kay Laing woke up to find a cow stuck on her in-ground trampoline 
  • Tractor was used to rescued the animal before it walked a kilometre home

A runaway cow who tried to leap over an in-ground trampoline found itself unable to ‘moo-ve’. 

About 40 cows escaped a South Gippsland property in Victoria on Wednesday night before the owners rounded most of them up. 

Only one however, remained missing and was soon found by startled resident Kay Laing on an in-ground backyard trampoline a kilometre away.

A runaway cow (pictured) who was unsuccessful in jumping over a trampoline found itself stuck

She called the owners who brought their tractor to rescue the cow which was just sitting waiting for help. 

‘I don’t know how long it took to get them off but we were back in bed by 3.30am,’ Mr Laing told 3AW’s Ross and Russel. 

‘I’m tipping she would’ve been pretty terrified.’ 

The owners were able to successfully remove their cow off the trampoline without any injury.

The cow then walked more than a kilometre back home.  

Startled resident Kay Laing called the cow’s owners who brought their tractor and rescued it

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