Emmerdale hunk Kelvin Fletcher sets pulses racing with topless vid from set of Death in Paradise season 10

EMMERDALE hunk Kelvin Fletcher set pulses racing after his Death in Paradise co-star Jason Manford shared a video of him lathering backstage. 

The duo will be starring together in season 10 of the crime drama and recently flew to the Caribbean island, Guadeloupe. 

While waiting for the cameras to start rolling on season 10 of Death in Paradise, Jason, 39, shared a behind-the-scenes thirst trap for fans. 

Posting to Instagram, the comedian tagged Kelvin as he got ready for the day ahead by slathering his incredibly ripped body with sunscreen. Safety first, after all. 

In the background of the clip, Jason could be heard chortling: “It’s a lovely view here in Guadeloupe.”

The comedian captioned the video: “Tough start to our day here in Guadeloupe @kelvin_fletcher.” 

Fans of the show and the actor were quick to share their appreciation for the view, leaving plenty of compliments in the comments section.

One wrote: “That was a welcome video” 

“Think this is my favourite post ever…,” laughed a second. 

While a third joked: “I’m not sure how you’re coping.” 

It was revealed yesterday that Jason and Kelvin would be starring in the show together when the comedian shared a photo of the two of them on a plane heading to the set. 

Despite them both following safety precautions and wearing masks, Jason’s followers ripped into him for wearing his PPE incorrectly. 

He noted in the caption of the photo: “Well, what was supposed to be a silly fun post ended up with so many petty messages I’ll list a see them here.

“Firstly, when working for the BBC they never pay for first-class travel or luxury hotels etc. They pay for economy of course (as it’s too far to walk!) and then it’s up to the person involved if they want to upgrade etc. 

“Secondly, please stop calling people out on ‘wearing mask wrong’ it is soooo boring! There’s so many different masks out there it’s impossible to say which are right in wrong simply from a photo.”

Jason finished the post by dropping the bombshell:”…, Oh and it’s Kelvin fletcher and we’re off to Guadeloupe to film Death in Paradise.”

All seasons of Death in Paradise can be watched on BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

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