Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully’s son Dylan actor to reprise role after seven years

CORONATION Street is bringing back the original actor to play Sean Tully's son Dylan.

The youngster is played by Last Tango in Halifax star Liam McCheyne who last appeared in the role as a toddler.

Actor Antony Cotton revealed the news, tweeting: "Here’s a little secret that’s ready to be let out of the bag.

"Sean’s son, Dylan, makes his return to Weatherfield! Ten years after first being cast, I am thrilled that Liam McCheyne has come back to play Dylan, older and a lot wiser.

"I’m looking forward to the many stories ahead!"

Sean is shocked next week when Dylan comes to live with him. 

Dylan is the child of Sean and his former friend Violet Wilson, who asked to use his sperm back in 2007 when they were both single.

But after the baby was born, Sean was gutted when he discovered that Violet was planning on bringing up the child with her boyfriend Jamie Baldwin.

The couple then went to London, leaving Sean off the birth certificate.

In 2018, Sean got a blast from the past when he got a text from Violet asking why he’d not been paying for child support for Dylan.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Sean arrive home with Dylan and be shocked to see Todd.

When Billy reveals he’s postponed his interview, Paul says that’s exactly what Todd wants and orders him not to miss it. 

Later, Sean returns home all flustered after having lost sight of Dylan.

Todd finds Dylan and comforts the youngster – much to Sean’s relief. 

Later, Billy and Paul return after his interview but as Billy won’t stop talking about Todd, Paul points out that he’s clearly thinking about him.

Will Sean cope looking after Dylan with everything that's going on at home?

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