Cool Stuff: New X-Men and Batman Prints Unleash Mutants, Sentinels, Rogues, and the Batmobile

New York Comic-Con may be over, but Bottleneck Gallery is still celebrating some of your favorite Marvel and DC Comics characters with yet another wave of outstanding new prints that will empty your bank account. This time, it’s the mutants of X-Men: The Animated Series teaming up to take down a Sentinel in a new print by Juan Ramos. There’s also a collection of Batman prints featuring a variety of incarnations of The Dark Knight from the classic 1966 TV series, Batman: The Animated Series, and Batman Begins. Check them all out below.

X-Men by Juan Ramos

You can just hear the electric guitar of the X-Men: The Animated Series theme song as you look at this poster, which will shine even brighter if you have a black light handy. All the key X-Men are teaming up to take down a towering Sentintel. Even Cable can be spotted on a nearby rooftop. It’s a shame that some of the X-Men villains couldn’t be incorporated into this print in some way, but even so, it’s a great tribute to the X-Men of the 1990s.

Batman ’66 by Matt Ferguson

Matt Ferguson really knows how to bring life to a still image. In this pair of prints inspired by the classic 1966 Batman TV series, you can just hear the Batmobile spinning its tires as Adam West jumps into The Caped Crusader’s signature vehicle alongside Burt Ward as The Boy Wonder. There’s even some dirt flying up from the tires. Plus, the detail on the computers within the Batcave itself are pretty impressive. My only complaint is that the logo in the corner feels a little invasive.

Batman vs Mr. Freeze by Raid71

Meanwhile, Raid 71 has the perfect Batman poster for Christmas, and it’s even a cool lenticular print. Inspired by Batman: The Animated Series, this print has Mr. Freeze looking down at The Dark Knight menacingly as he’s encased in a snow globe of Gotham City. Since it’s a lenticular poster, as you walk around it framed on the wall, it’ll appear to have a 3D effect.

Batman Begins by Doaly

Taking a very different approach than many of the Batman prints that we usually see for sale, Doaly’s artwork for Batman Begins is a piece that feels classy. Using the Bhutan blue flowers as the primary image, this would appear to be a simple tribute to the fear at the center of The Dark Knight’s origin story. Upon further inspection, you’ll notice that one of the leaves resembles a certain flying creature of the night.

Batman: The Animated Series by Steven Reeves

All of the major villains from Batman: The Animated Series on are display in this collection of rogues from Steven Reeves. Framing them with the wings of Man-Bat and having the lower part of the image overtaken by Batman’s flowing cape creates a nice juxtaposition, and you don’t even need the Batman logo to enhance it.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm by Sam Gilbey

Finally, the theatrically released animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm takes the spotlight. This one is designed almost like a classic movie poster with imagery and floating busts inspired by the film. There’s even a black and white noir version that makes it feel even more vintage.

All of these prints go on sale at Bottleneck Gallery today, October 16 starting at 12:00 P.M. ET while supplies last.

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