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Girl, 2, dies at house in Scotland as cops launch probe into ‘unexplained’ tragedy – The Sun

COPS are probing the mystery death of a girl, 2, at a house in Scotland.

The toddler was pronounced dead by paramedics in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, on Thursday.

Forensic officers have searched the family home and are now awaiting the results of a post-mortem after declaring the death "unexplained".

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Around 10.25am on Thursday, 2 July, officers were called to an address in Ward Avenue, Redding, Falkirk, following a report of a 2-year-old girl becoming unwell.

"The Scottish Ambulance Service attended and the child was pronounced dead a short time later.

"Enquiries are ongoing and the death is currently being treated as unexplained pending a post mortem."

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Girl, 1, died with coronavirus as she was learning to say first words and walk

A one-year-old tragically died with coronavirus just as she was learning to say her first words and starting to walk.

Mum Andrea de Sousa, 20, says her ‘heart is destroyed’ after daughter Vitoria Gabrielle, 1, passed away in Rio de Janeiro in May.

Vitoria’s brother Gabriel, 4, asks where his sister is every day, as Brazil’s death toll rises to 60,000 – the second-highest in the world after the United States.

The little girl had just recovered from viral meningitis when she was admitted to Jesus Municipal Hospital with gastrointestinal problems on April 9.

By April 20, she was suffering with breathing difficulties and constantly tired, and she moved to intensive care four days later.

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The toddler died on May 4, with her causes of death listed as ‘bilateral pneumonia, infected by Covid-19’, along with a buildup of fluid in the brain and swelling of the liver and spleen.

Only her mum and stepdad were permitted to attend her funeral, which Andrea says was completely silent to avoid spreading the infection further.

The bereaved mother says the only sound heard at the funeral was her sobs, with gravediggers naming Vitoria a ‘little angel’ because her life was over before she could sin. 

Andrea said: ‘You are not ready to lose anybody but a child? I’m not used to being without her. I miss her a lot.’

She added: ‘He [my son] asks about her all day. He says, “Mom, I miss Gabrielle, why is she living with Jesus Christ?”

‘And I say to him, God took her, God wanted her close to him.” Then he says, “Wow, but I want to go see my sister.”‘

‘I’m asking God for strength and it’s not easy. So I’m looking at her photos and I’m really missing her.’

Andrea claims her daughter was hit with Covid-19 while she was in hopsital, as the virus just starting to circulate in Rio and Brazil in April.

However, Rio’s Municipal Health Secretariat says it isn’t possible to verify this as coronavirus was spreading throughout the country when she was infected. 

A statement said the little girl received proper care by staff at Jesus Municipal Hospital.

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Girl, 4, suffers life-changing head injuries as she's hit by a car after visiting ice-cream van

A GIRL has been left with a life-changing head injury when she was hit by a car after getting an ice cream.

The four-year-old had just visited an ice cream van yesterday afternoon in Burton Lamiter, Northamptonshire.

Police say she ran into the road from between parked cars – one of which was the van – and was hit by a car.

She was rushed to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridgeshire, with a potentially serious life changing head injury.

Police want to hear from anyone who may have seen the horror accident.

Anyone who has CCTV or dashcam footage of the crash is asked to get in touch with cops.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615 or Northamptonshire Police on 101 quoting reference number 294 of 01/07/20.

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First pictures of girl, four, found knifed to death as mum, 35, fights for life after neighbours hear 'barbaric screams'

THIS is the four-year-old girl who was found stabbed to death next to her bleeding mother in a horrific bloodbath at a London home.

Little Sajaky was found "lifeless" at the Mitcham home yesterday with her mother Sutha Karunanantham, 35, in a pool of blood.

And horrified neighbours today told The Sun Online how they rushed to the home after they heard screams and a little boy ran up crying for an ambulance.

Elsa Gonzales, 47, is a NHS medical assistant and said she ran to help – finding the woman laying in a pool of blood near the body of her lifeless daughter.

She said: "I took over from my neighbour on the 999 call and I went in and I found the lady on the floor, half-naked and covered in blood."

She added: "When I looked in the flat I saw the child on the bed.

"I saw her already purple and lifeless. I am still shaking.

"She was covered with a blanket, from my assessment she was already lifeless.

"When I uncovered her I found she had some wounds on her throat.

"It was like a horror film. It was barbaric. "

The family are believed to be from Sri Lanka and had lived in the flat for about five years.

A large crowd of grieving relatives and colleagues from Sainsbury's supermarket had gathered at a home nearby where the grief-stricken father was being comforted.

One relative said the dad is "emotionally distraught" and too upset to talk.

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Wahe Guna, 27, who works at the Kwik Mart shop below the flat in Monarch Parade, said the family were regular customers.

He said: "(The dad) comes everyday in the shop.

"His daughter and his son are of good character. They're a good family. Everyday he comes in to spend a few pounds.

"Some days I give the children chocolates."

Police have now launched an investigation into the tragedy.

A Met Police spokesperson said: "Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and a woman and a child were inside a property suffering injuries.

"The child, a four-year-old girl, was also taken to hospital however was pronounced dead shortly after."

"The woman, aged 35, has been taken to hospital where her injuries are deemed life-threatening.

At this early stage, police are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.

A child's pink bike was today seen sitting outside the flats where the tragedy unfolded. Floral tributes have also already started to be placed outside in memory of the little girl.

The family's next of kin have been informed.

A post-mortem examination will also take place soon.

Officers were seen at the crime scene last night as the investigation was launched.

It comes after a man in his 30s died after collapsing nearby in Monarch Parade this week.

The death is currently being treated as unexplained, and is not linked to yseterday's incident.

Siobhain McDonagh, the MP for Mitcham and Morden, said:  “Truly tragic events in Mitcham over the last 2 days.

"My sincere condolences to family & friends. My thoughts are also with neighbours & residents who have witnessed such tragedy.”

She also thanked the police and the ambulance service for their “bravery & skill”. 

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson confirmed they had been called the London Road just before 4pm on Tuesday.

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‘Gossip Girl’: How Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford Really Feel About Dan’s Finale Twist

Spotted. Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford — who played Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald, respectively — reunited to discuss their work on the hit CW series. And as expected, it was a real treat.

Currently, both actors have picked up new shows. Badgley plays Joe on Netflix’s You and Crawford portrays Kevin, aka The Deep, on Amazon Prime’s The Boys. But even so, the Gossip Girl alums can’t forget the impact of the teen drama, particularly Dan’s ending in the series finale. 

Who is Gossip Girl, according to the series finale

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For seven seasons, Gossip Girl told fans the mysterious identity of the Upper East Side stalker — we mean blogger — was “the one secret” they’d never tell. But alas, Gossip Girl was revealed in the series finale titled “New York, I Love You XOXO.” 

As it turns out, Gossip Girl was Dan. Of course, many viewers wondered how this was possible, as the blogger would often break stories that were surprising or damning to the character. Nonetheless, The CW series explained Dan was an outsider who just wanted to find his way in. 

“If I wasn’t born into this world, maybe, I could write myself into it,” Dan said. “I’d overheard enough conversations to be able to mimic the Constance girls. But every writer needs his muse. It wasn’t until that photo of Serena [Blake Lively] in the white dress that I knew I had something strong enough to create a legend.”

Dan then shared he started to post stories about Upper East Siders anonymously. Eventually, the venture grew into a monster. But he only inserted himself into the conversation when Serena returned from boarding school. “I might have been a joke, but at least people were talking about me,” he said. 

Penn Badgley and Chase Crawford discuss Dan’s ending on ‘Gossip Girl’

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On June 30, Variety released Badgley and Crawford’s conversation from the publication’s Actors on Actors series. The two Gossip Girl stars reminisced over their time on the CW series. Then at one point in the chat, Crawford compared Badgley’s roles as Dan and Joe.

“What’s interesting about Joe, is it’s almost like an odd continuation of Dan,” Crawford said. The actor then explained Dan’s reveal as Gossip Girl didn’t exactly align with the person fans grew to know.

“At the end of Gossip Girl the show, whatever your reaction is — whether it was smart to do that or not, that he’s Gossip Girl — it didn’t really line up with the character of Dan,” Crawford said. Then Badgley agreed, adding a simple, “Yeah.”

Later, Badgley expanded on the idea. And while Dan’s ending may not have matched his character arc throughout Gossip Girl, it did line up with Joe.

He said:

I’ve always tried to be transparent, forthcoming, respectful, and grateful of the way Gossip Girl positioned me to be in a role like this. And for it to have the particular effect that it has. Regardless of my performance, the fact that it’s simply me, just one of the main characters of the show called Gossip Girl, and I ended up being Gossip Girl — even though we can debate about whether or not that makes sense. And we can debate about whether or not Dan is even really a male lead in the show, because the heart of the show was somewhere else. 

But anyway, it’s me playing this guy Joe. And it makes a lot of sense in a way … The funny thing is, I didn’t get excited to be like, ‘Oh this is such a different, interesting take on a similar vibe.’ I was, if anything, too self-conscious about that. And I was inclined to be like, ‘Eh, I know it seems quite different. But in a way, it’s just like Dan, just with bloody hands.’

Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford on watching ‘Gossip Girl’ now

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While Badgley and Crawford see Dan’s Gossip Girl reveal as something that’s up for debate, they recognize the impact of The CW series at the time. However, the actors suggested fans may not be as interested in watching Gossip Girl now. 

“People wanted to watch a show like Gossip Girl because it was aspirational. It was like an escape,” Badgley said. “It seemed like it struck a certain cultural chord because it was this aspirational fantastical vision of excess and wealth.”

He continued, “But now, cut to 13 years later, people are not interested in that. I think rightfully so. Now, they’re interested in deconstructing why we’re so fascinated with that in the first place. We’re interested in deconstructing those systems of privilege.”

Then Crawford added, “The curtain has sort of dropped. Back in ’07, Gossip Girl was edgy.”

Meanwhile, the Gossip Girl alums confessed they haven’t watched their show in some time. And although Badgley was up for a trip down memory lane, Crawford was a little more hesitant. 

“Buddy, you have to strap me to a gurney and pop my eyes open like Clockwork Orange,” Crawford said. “But no, it would be interesting to see the first couple, maybe … I don’t like really watching myself that much in general. So to go back and open that time capsule, I think there would be some nostalgic value.”

Badgley and Crawford then teased a Gossip Girl watch party together. Now, is another reunion really in order? We’ll see what happens. 

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Four-year-old girl has a hilarious 'conversation' with her ice-cream

‘No, don’t lick me!’ Four-year-old girl has a hilarious ‘conversation’ with her ice cream as she waits for her mom to say she can eat it in patience challenge

  • Ceci Grace Goggin, four, chats to her ice cream while she waits for her mom
  • Beth Goggin wanted her daughter to wait as part of a new social media challenge
  • The patience challenge is supposed to test children’s willpower and patience
  • Ceci, from Atlanta, Georgia explains to her ice cream why it cannot be eaten yet 

A little girl fought her urge to eat an ice cream by having a chat with it and explaining why she was not allowed to eat it yet. 

Beth Goggin, from Atlanta, Georgia, filmed her four-year-old daughter, Ceci Grace Goggin, as put a delicious-looking cup of ice cream in front of her and told her to wait.  

While Ceci waited for Beth to come back she adorably told her ice cream: ‘No, don’t lick me, mummy said don’t eat that before I come back.’

Four-year-old Ceci, from Atlanta, Georgia, managed to wait patiently before eating her ice cream by whispering to it 

Adorably she tells the ice cream: ‘No, don’t lick me, mummy said don’t eat that before I come back,’ as she pretends to lick it

The seemingly impossible request was part of a social media challenge that tests children’s willpower and patience. 

The ‘patience challenge’ has seen some toddlers impress their parents with their self-discipline while other toddlers could not help but give in.   

Little Ceci managed to practise restraint by talking to the ice cream about her situation. 

The adorable video shows her after her mother leaves the room asking the pink-and-white treat how it is doing. 

She explains to the cup that her mother said to wait for her to come back as she pretends to give the ice cream a lick.  

Ceci continues to talk to the cup saying ‘you are ice cream’ and sternly reminding it: ‘Mommy said, “Don’t eat that before I come back.” ‘ 

She also breaks out into song before tempting herself by putting her tongue torturously close to the ice cream. 

At the end of the video Beth returns and Ceci excitedly tucks into the ice cream cup. 

Beth said: ‘Ceci did not actually lick it to my knowledge, I looked and didn’t see any licks.

‘She is a very outgoing child who loves Pink and knows the worlds to a lot of her songs.

‘I did this because I was curious to see if my daughter had the patience, I am going to try it again with an iPad in front of her.’

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Murder of girl, 8, who was assaulted & strangled in 1982 is finally solved thanks to podcast & DNA evidence – The Sun

AFTER nearly 40 years, police in Columbus, Ohio, say they have cracked the cold case of an eight-year girl old who was abducted, sexually assaulted and killed.

The family of Kelly Ann Prosser were finally given some closure on Friday, when law enforcement officers said that they had matched a dead man's DNA to the 1982 case.

Columbus police pronounced the case closed on Friday, stating that a new genealogical testing technique and a podcast had helped them solve Kelly Ann's murder.

After the announcement, Kelly Ann's family said in a statement: "Our family has spent many long years waiting for Kelly Ann's murder to be solved.

"But Kelly's family is not unique. Those who have suffered the murder of their loved one knows how devastating waiting for answers can be. Nor are we the only family who has laid awake at night hoping and praying that their missing child would return home safely."

According to police, DNA identifies now-deceased Harold Warren Jarrell as the man behind the killing.

Jarrell passed away in 1996 at the age of 67 in Las Vegas.


A new genealogical testing technique was used to identify the girl's killer, after detectives started working with a genealogy company called Advance DNA to use DNA from the crime scene to identify the suspect.

Investigators were able to identify a family tree and then followed up with family members, according to authorities.

The initial DNA match was to a third cousin of Jarrell's, but detectives were eventually able to determine that the now-deceased Vegas resident was Kelly Ann's killer.

Kelly Ann was abducted while walking home from Indianola Elementary School on September 20, 1982, investigators said.

Her body was then discovered two days later in a cornfield in nearby Madison County, after she had been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled.


Speaking at a press conference, Det. Dana Croom, who took over the case fully in 2016, said he was "numb" when the system came back with a match, and "teared up a little bit."

Croom, who said he thought of his own kids while working on the case, told ABC 6 News: "All of these years of this case being open and numerous detectives working on it, it is satisfying to let the family know what happened to their little girl though it doesn’t bring her back.

"There are cases that stick with detectives forever and this is one of those for all of us.”

Columbus Deputy Chief Greg Bodker said that a podcast the police force had started in May, titled "The 5th Floor," had helped detectives get answers in Kelly Ann's case.

The story was chosen because every detective and investigator had worked on the case, Bodker said.

He added that the case "appears to be a true stranger abduction," and that Jarrell and Prosser's family had no known connection.

Jarrell previously served five years in prison after he was convicted in 1977 of a sex crime involving a child in Columbus, Bodker said.

In recent years, genetic genealogy testing and research has solved a number of high-profile cold cases – including California's so-called Golden State Killer, who pleaded guilty to the first of 13 murders on Monday.

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Terrified girl, 3, left screaming in agony after being bitten by a HEDGEHOG as she slept

A TERRIFIED girl was left screaming in agony after being bitten by a hedgehog as she slept.

Three-year-old Elsie was sharing a bed with mum Chelsey Fowler when the prickly menace pounced and bit her toe in the middle of the night.

Care worker Chelsey was soundly asleep besides Elsie while her 18-month-old Gracie slept in a cot nearby.

But she was left stunned when her poor daughter woke screaming in agony and reached for her right leg.

The mum-of-four leapt to her defence, but was shocked to find a massive hedgehog underneath the covers and clamped to the youngster's bleeding toe.

Chelsey said: "It was quarter past four in the morning and my daughter Elsie was in bed with me and she woke up screaming and holding her leg.

Elsie was absolutely hysterical bless her, she’d never seen a hedgehog before or even knew what it was

"In a blind panic I grabbed her leg to find out what was wrong, and this hedgehog was hanging off her baby toe.

"I panicked because I didn’t expect there to be a hedgehog. I pushed it off her foot and it scarpered under the wardrobe.

She added: "Elsie was absolutely hysterical bless her, she’d never seen a hedgehog before or even knew what it was.

"I can’t image if it had gone into the cot with Gracie sleeping in there, she was quite a big lady this hedgehog. She is massive."


Chelsey rushed the kids downstairs and immediately put in a call to NHS 111 for advice as she cleaned the bite wound.

The relieved mum, from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, added: "They said not to panic as the bleeding had stopped and to ring the doctor in the morning and get a tetanus shot, which we did. 

“We all slept downstairs after that, and Elsie kept talking about the mean hedgehog."

Local rescue charity Hedgehog Friendly Town said this wasn’t the first hedgehog that they had heard of climbing someone’s stairs this year.

The charity, run by schoolfriends Kyra Barboutis and Sophie Smith, checked over Elsie’s assailant before returning the hog to the area around the home. 

It’s thought the large female may have young to care for nearby. 

In the meantime, the charity has invited young Elsie to come and see the hedgehog hospital in the area to help her conquer her fear of the spiky creatures.

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Rachel Riley and baby girl Maven celebrate with Strictly husband Pasha on their first anniversary – The Sun

RACHEL Riley has celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with husband Pasha Kovalev and their baby daughter Maven.

The couple – who wed in Vegas last year – marked the special day with an adorable family snap as they posed together outside.

In the photo, Rachel and Pacha appear delighted as six-month-old Maven is nestled between them.

The 34-year-old Countdown presenter and her daughter stood out in a colourful outfits, while Pacha, 40, opted for a simple blue t-shirt.

Meanwhile, a second throwback photo showed the pair from their wedding day.

Alongside the selection of snaps, Rachel wrote: "One year later! Celebrating today with our extra smiler in the family. Love these two 🥰 What a first year it’s been! 👰🏼 👶🏻 ❤️ 💗 #firstweddinganniversary #twinning."

Fans rushed to congratulate the couple, with one writing: "Wonderful happy anniversary to you both – you couldn’t look happier x."

Another said: "Congratulations, you are a beautiful family 😍 ."

A third added: "Awww look at that cheeky face. She is like her Daddy 💖 💖 ."

It's been one year since the pair tied the knot during a secret ceremony in Las Vegas in June, 2019.

Rachel confirmed their marriage via Twitter and told her 645, 000 followers: "Introducing the new Mr and Mrs Kovalev. We both said yes!"

Her announcement came weeks after the couple revealed they are expecting their first child together.

The presenter welcomed her daughter into the world in December 2019 – two weeks after her due date.

Rachel was partnered with Pasha on the 11th series of Strictly in 2013 and they've been dating since 2014.

The Countdown star was previously married to James Gilbert, who she met while studying at Oxford university but the pair split after a fifteen-month marriage in November 2013.

The sweet family snap comes weeks after Rachel told The Sun Online that she "feels guilty" because she is enjoying life in lockdown.

She shared: "It’s one of those things where you feel slightly guilty for enjoying aspects of lockdown. We’re in a really fortunate position.

"All of our work’s gone but we’re not having to struggle in that sense. Pasha would have been away with tours and cruises dancing had it not been for lockdown so he’s enjoying time with us."

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Former Bond girl sues film company for $1million

Former Bond girl Eva Green sues film company White Lantern for $1million after they pulled the plug on her new sci-fi thriller

  • Eva Green was set to begin shooting for A Patriot over seven weeks last summer
  • In the film she would have appeared alongside Charles Dance and Helen Hunt
  • White Lantern Film shut down production and Green is suing for a $1million ‘pay or play’ agreement 

Eva Green is poised to take centre stage in a $1 million lawsuit at the High Court after film producers pulled the plug on a sci-fi thriller in which she was set to star.

The 39-year-old actress, who is currently appearing in BBC1’s The Luminaries, was due to begin shooting A Patriot alongside Charles Dance and Helen Hunt over seven weeks last summer.

But after filming in Dublin was repeatedly postponed, film company White Lantern Film (Britannica) Ltd shut down the production, according to documents filed by Ms Green. The Bond star, who played Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, is now suing the firm for $1 million (£800,000) which she claims is held in an escrow account under a ‘pay or play’ agreement – a movie industry arrangement that means an actor will receive the negotiated fee even if the film fails to go ahead.

Eva Green is poised to take centre stage in a $1 million lawsuit at the High Court after film producers pulled the plug on a sci-fi thriller in which she was set to star

Set in a futuristic authoritarian state, A Patriot was to follow the story of a Border Corps captain played by Ms Green who begins to question her allegiance to the regime. The film was to have been directed by Dan Pringle from his original screenplay.

It had previously been set to star Tim Robbins and Kathy Bates, but both had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

In her writ, Ms Green, who lives in London, says she agreed to star in A Patriot on May 15 last year. Shooting was originally scheduled to start in August, but was delayed twice.

Ms Green claims she is entitled to the money, but the film company alleged last October that she had materially breached the agreement so was not eligible for it. The writ alleges the company failed to give any information about the alleged breach.

In February, Ms Green was told Sherborne Media Finance had taken over White Lantern and ‘purported to give notice of termination of the artist agreement’. Ms Green argues that was too late.

The French actress is asking London’s High Court to rule she is entitled to the money and that the film company, which is yet to file its response to the claim, pay her legal costs.

Last night, Sherborne Media Capital said it was ‘fully aware of Ms Green’s claim’ but for ongoing legal reasons, it was unable to comment.

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