Phillip Schofield says he was ‘almost sick’ telling his daughters he was gay

Phillip Schofield recalled the stomach churning moment he opened up to his daughters and told them that he was gay.

In his new book, Life's What You Make it, the 58-year-old said he was "almost sick" when the time came to be honest with his two grown-up children Molly and Ruby.

Before the TV star went public on This Morning, he decided to face the music with his family first and instigated the conversation that gave him a knot like feeling in the pit of his tummy.

Behind closed doors at the family's £2million home in Oxfordshire, the ITV host decided to confess his true feelings prior to his interview alongside co-star Holly Willoughby.

At the time, he knew before he could share his sexuality with anyone else he had to find the courage to speak with his brood, even though he found the thought deeply sickening.

In his autobiography, he glanced back at darker times, delving into the heart-to-heart chats that had taken shape away from the cameras.

After he had consulted with his family, he knew he could brave the public on the ITV favourite, with the support of his on-screen partner Holly.

However, it was very much the union with and support of his loyal wife Steph, who he had been married to for 27 years, that helped him to have the tricky conversations.

In spite of her own feelings, Steph provided Phillip with the reassurance he needed to hear at the time, that the girls would still love him regardless.

Thinking back to the situation and how the intense feeling made him "almost sick", he described Steph's unconditional support that got him through.

He penned: "When things got really dark, (Steph) reminded me how much they all loved me and that there was nothing that the four of us couldn’t cope with."

The Schofields have stuck together through thick and thin, proving the strength of their relationships.

Phillip has since moved out of the marital home and splurged the cash on a new bachelor pad that was claimed to cost a hefty £2m.

Back in September, an insider reported to The Sun that Phillip and Steph had began divorce chats.

The sourced told the publication: "Phillip and Steph have had a lot of hard, painful conversations over the past 10 months but remain as tight and devoted to one another as ever.

"She has been so supportive, and he won’t skip off into the sunset now and abandon her.

"At the same time, he has no desire to become embroiled in a bitter and costly divorce battle.

"Phillip is in no hurry to meet someone new, but obviously the D-word has now been mooted, albeit in very loose and casual terms."

Phillip Schofield: Life What You Make It is out now

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