Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Life in Montecito Is So Chill, They Go on Solo Dates Now

Despite the inevitable drama that’s bound to happen within the royal family in the coming weeks (see: a certain talk abut political involvement Queen Elizabeth wants to have with one of her grandsons), things are going great with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their new life in America. As you may recall, Meghan and Harry packed their bags and moved from Los Angeles to Montecito over the summer, and have been loving and living it up ever since!

One of the major reasons why Meghan and Harry had an issue with Los Angeles was because of the crazy amounts of paparazzi. Simply put: “They lacked privacy,” a source told Us Weekly back in August.

Since moving, things have been really different for Meghan and Harry—the pace of life in Montecito is much slower compared to Los Angeles, and the people in the neighborhood could give less of a damn that they canoodle with British royalty. According to a People source, “no one really bothers them” while they’re in town…which I’m sure Meg and Harry can really appreciate!

Meghan and Harry’s newfound privacy has made them do what no royal has done before…going out by themselves!!! “Sometimes they do solo dates, and sometimes with friends,” People‘s source added. Yep, this checks out—Meghan and Harry were just spotted on a double date with friends Katharine McPhee and David Foster, who are expecting a child together.

So happy to hear Meghan and Harry are adoring their new life in the states. Now can they hurry up and adopt me already???

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