Chris Sails Not Expecting Daughter With Jordyn Alexis: ‘It Was a Prank’

Jordyn Alexis confirms it through a video posted on her social media account, noting that she simply stuffed some T-shirts inside her dress to make it look like she had a baby bump.

AceShowbizChris Sails is not going to be a girl dad anytime soon. Days after announcing that he was expecting a daughter with a girl named Jordyn Alexis, the latter took to her social media page to confirm that it was nothing but a prank.

In a video that has been making its way round on social media, Jordyn revealed that she simply stuffed some T-shirts inside her dress to make it look like she had a baby bump when she actually did not have any. She made the revelation when people kept commenting about her slimmed down belly. “It was a prank. It was just a prank, nothing more nothing less,” she told her followers, adding that she and Chris would do more collaboration in the future.

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Chris announced he was expecting a baby girl earlier this month, along with a couple of pics of him cradling Jordyn’s fake baby bump in what appeared to be a bathroom. “I’m excited to bring my daughter into this world,” he said in the caption of the post. “Sorry for the silence but I just wanted it to be a surprise !!!”

Chris further explained in a YouTube video that he got emotional after learning he’d have a daughter soon, because it was something that he had been hoping for three years. Seemingly realizing people would criticize him because of this, he added, “I don’t care what y’all like to say or what y’all think about me. I’m excited. Chris is happy.”

Even though the YouTube personality and musician will not welcome a new baby soon, he is already a father to two sons. He shares 5-year-old Christopher Sails Jr. with his ex Queen Naija in addition to having a newborn baby named Artist with Erica Madison.

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