Addison Rae Opens Up About Dating On ‘Mama Knows Best’ Podcast

Addison Rae is dishing on her dating life – well, sort of!

The 19-year-old TikTok star and her mom Sheri talked about the topic of dating on the new episode of their podcast Mama Knows Best.

During the episode, Addison opened up about what she looks for in a guy, including passion and positivity, and what she doesn’t like – disrespect and bad breath.

She also dished on how her perspective on dating has changed since moving to LA and gaining some fame.

“It definitely has changed, there are some people who just want to use me or get something from me,” Addison shared. “They’re looking to gain something from talking to me, being with me, hanging out with me. It’s something I’m now well aware of. I take that into consideration and I’m like, does this person actually care about me or actually like me for who I am? Or are they just seeing a number and they’re attracted to that? And it’s a very fine line.”

Check out the whole episode on Spotify right here!

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